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Allen is the proud owner of Doc’s Tattooz, with over 15 years experience in the tattoo industry. Having always been an artist with an interest in many mediums, Allen began his tattoo career in Marathon Florida Keys (2004) after the late David “Doc” Taylor lit a fire in him that has never gone out - the love of tattooing.

After Doc’s passing, Allen sought out an apprenticeship under Tommy Dycus, a fantastic artist and friend to Doc’s Tattoos. Eventually Allen took the reins at Doc’s Tattooz as “main artist” working for Doc’s wife Ranee Taylor and in 2007 she passed the torch and Allen became the owner of Doc’s Tattooz.

While Allen enjoys working with clients to create tattoos they love in many styles, he focuses most of his energy these days on a sort of contemporary Japanese style of tattooing with a local, Americana feel. So if you are looking for anything from flora to fauna, from bright color to black work, he’s the man to see.

Allen's motto in life - "always yes to gravy"